Standing Stapler Set

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  • Easily and efficiently tackle your everyday stapling tasks with up to 20 sheet capacity thanks to our durable and economical 2-pack of stand up staplers that was designed for desktop use at work, home, or in the classroom
  • Avoid hand cramps and frustration thanks to our easy to use, low impact, hand held stapler functions, featuring ergonomic comfort rubber hand grips and a jam-resistant design
  • Maintain a tidy, organized desktop thanks to the upright design and anti-skid base of our standing staplers, which will take up a smaller footprint on your desk by standing up on their end and consume significantly less space than traditional staplers
  • Begin stapling immediately out of the box with the included 2000 standard size 1/4 inch staples, plus it’s easy to quickly and easily load the stapler thanks to the high quality spring loaded mechanism
  • Enjoy convenience and versatility for various staple projects with a standard clinch anvil, which is also reversible for temporarily pinning documents together
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Enjoy Comfort while Saving Time and Money with our Ergonomic 2-Pack Standup Stapler Set

If you frequently use a stapler for everyday use in your classroom, office, or home, you know how annoying it can be when your stapler is clunky, stiff, or tough to use, causing hand cramps and frustration. Our two pack of handheld standing staplers comes equipped with comfortable, curved hand grips, jam-resistant technology, and takes little effort to use, making it ideal for quick staple jobs at your desk.

  • Space saving stapler design can be stored upright on your desktop, making it easy to grab for quick use
  • Unique handheld design is easier to use than regular staplers, offering comfort-friendly reduced effort stapling technology

Designed for Everyday Versatile Use in Tough Office or Classroom Environments

Our black plastic staplers with heavy duty metal innards were engineered to be easy to use on light duty desktop or classroom stapling of up to 15 sheets at a time, yet are heavy duty enough to stand up to repeated use in any home, school, or office environment.

  • Includes 2000 standard 1/4 inch staples, so you can get to work right out of the box
  • Reversible anvil allows you to temporarily pin documents together, while standard clinch design offers a more traditional method of permanently clamping documents together

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